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Intro - 501(c)s & SuperPACs

Intro - 501(c)s & SuperPACs

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Request access below to obtain a link to INDIVISIBLE.legal's general introductory outline (in slide form) to modern non-party and independent (non-candidate "soft money") organizations.

The non-profit organizations discussed - specifically 501(c)(4) and Independent Expenditure-Only Committees (IEOCs or "SuperPACS") - have become critical modern tools to influence policy and win elections.

The slides serve as an intro to the basic types of organizations available; their benefits and limitations; and the relative role of such orgs in the progressive cause.

The slides provide some insight into questions like:

  • Does a nonprofit, PAC or superPAC best fit our goals?
  • What are different organizational structures allowed and not allowed to do?

As noted in the outline, this information is intended for educational purposes only, and does not constitute legal advice.  

All users should consult legal counsel to discuss their specific organization or situation.

DO's & DONT's Chart - 501(c)s & SuperPACs

DO's & DONT's Chart - 501(c)s & SuperPACs